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What Is Turbine Oil ISO VG 32?


Turbine oil ISO VG 32 is high-quality oxidation and rust oil. Likewise, it comes with outstanding performing base oils. This oil is suitable for a variety of applications.

Typically speaking, the determination of turbine oil quality by its oxidation friction. However, these oils are high-quality R&O oils suggested for use in steam, hydroelectric, and gas.

Moreover, this is sufficient for other machinery applications. It’s because of their long service periods and consistent performance. The oils of ISO VG 32 are similar to SAE 10W at high temperatures.

About Of Turbine Oil 32:

These oils entirely restricted industrial turbine oil. 32 oils were produced from a combination of solvent distilled mineral oil. Turbine oil 32 comes from selected additives with incredible anti-wear security and oxidation properties.

Similarly, this oil formulation provides outstanding product life with efficient performance. The turbine oil 32 also provides proper protection against corrosion and rust.

It has extraordinary thermal power at high temperatures to minimize sludge formation. Furthermore, it offers a long service life.

Even this oil protects system elements against corrosion and rust. Therefore, this oil is preventive to extra foam buildup that will differ with sufficient lubrication.

Features & Benefits:

  • Outstanding oxidation durability.
  • The excellent anti-foaming properties.
  • Improved emulsification.
  • Exceptional corrosion protection.
  • Long drain intervals.
  • Provides thermal stability for long service life
  • Reduce sludge formation
  • Protects from correction and rust
  • For use on-air, compressors come with low carbon-tendency
  • Incredible water-separating properties


  • Hydroelectric turbines direct-drive steam
  • Air equipment and other pneumatic tools through air line lubricators.
  • Rotary air compressors
  • Electric fan bearings, electric motor bearings, and blower bearings
  • Deep-well water pumps, machine tools, and vacuum pumps

The Specifications Of Turbine Oil industry And OEM:

So, turbine oil meets the requirements of the following specifications:

  • ABB G12106
  • British Standard 489
  • Denison Hydraulics HF-1
  • ASTM Type I Turbine Oil
  • DIN 51517 Part 2, Lubricating Oils, Type CL
  • General Electric GEK 46506e
  • China (approved) National Standard GB (ISO VG 32 & 68)
  • S. Steel 126
  • ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-E02, R&O Inhibited Oils

Turbine Oil 68:

68 turbine oil is an ultimate operation turbine oil.  To use this oil in non-geared and geared steam turbines.

Besides, it’s coming for use in combined cycle gas turbines. That means, it will include gas turbines employed at increased temperature.

Hence, the base of this oil is high-quality virgin mineral base oil. It’s mix with a special additive bundle to assure the following property:

  • Extraordinary thermal and oxidation stability
  • Prevents muck formation
  • This oil can control guarantees and minimize oil degradation.
  • Outstanding water separation ability avoids the shape of an emulsion.
  • Likewise, it offers a straightforward reduction of extra water from the lubrication system.
  • Rust inhibitors contribute long-lasting protection to tuff operation performance.
  • Decent for air discharge properties and foam controls.


Total turbine Oils:

Turbines generate power by employing high-pressure, high-speed fluids For example, there are steam, water, wind, or gas.

But it needs premium lubricants to make sure. Hence, it constantly performs under these conditions of maximum temperature and stress.

Total turbine oils provide incredible performance. And, it can protect gas, hydro turbines, and steam from problems. The problems are metal wear and corrosion.

Regardless, they help customers in the industrial, power, and energy sectors. With cheap maintenance costs they provide all of the sectors.

The Range Of Total Product:

The total range of products comes in many fields. Still, Total turbine oils also provide a comprehensive range of lubricants. Their  expert products is coolants, greases, and hydraulic fluids.

Their products can fill in all applications in the energy industry:

Different Types Of Total Turbine Oils:

  1. Preslia – A spectrum of turbine oils created for gas and steam turbines. Yet, it’s ideal for aero-derivative, combined-cycle, and hydropower turbines. Preslia range oils are also ideal for using I’m nuclear energy contexts.
  1. Preslia GT – This oil is excessive pressure and hydrocracked mineral oil. You can also tell it is gas, steam, and blended cycle turbines.
  2. Preslia SE Jet: The synthetic ester lubricants range oils for aero-derivative steam turbines.
  3. Preslia SE HTS – Preslia SE HTS is a synthetic ester oil. So, this is adequate for aero-derivative gas turbines with increased thermal durability.
  4. Hydransafe – It is a fire-resistance oil. Hydransafe range oil is ideal for electro-hydraulic steam commander systems.
  5. Bio Preslia GT – GT ranges of oils is a biodegradable and rinsed synthetic ester lubricant. Bio Preslia GT range oils have excellent seal compatibility.
  6. Nevastane – For oven turbines, this is a good-safe oil

Why Are TotalEnergies Turbine Oils Best?

Operators of turbines need to know. They can tolerate extreme pressure and congenital speed implicated in their use.

Accordingly, their oils fulfill this and provide efficiency and dependability during use. They offer extra time at the time of services. Less downtime and decreased maintenance costs are their passion.

All of the Total oils have been expanded by the side of equipment manufacturers.  Effortlessly, they have optimized properties for customers. Every user can depend on logistics support from our experts.

If mixed with ANAC, our analysis service operators understand machinery leading to significant efficiencies.

Total Turbine Oil Benefits And Key Features:

Total turbine oils provide tons of benefits for their users:

  • Certified for use with all turbine manufacturers.
  • Incredible oxidation friction – Expanding components life by preventing deterioration.
  • Decreases air pollution in the oil, reduces in pumps the risk of pressure drops.
  • Long-lasting lubricant – Reduce downtime and lengthened maintenance time, and lower costs.
  • Impressive filterability – enhancing maintenance periods and reducing prices.
  • High-ultra temperature friction – Useful for high thermal stress turbine experiencing or unexpected oil degradation.
  • Biodegradable – essential for hydro turbines’ environmental safety.
  • Non-toxic – Total excludes the use of mutagenic and neurotoxic materials.
  • Fire-resistant – Safeguarding personnel and installations.

The Total turbine oil ranges will help operators across a broad spectrum of fields.

Final Word:

To complete your
range of products, just choose turbine oil 32 from the Total. Because we supply industrial lubricants.  All of the lubricants are suitable for the harshest environment.

Also, Totals offer extreme levels of quality and performance. So, if you start your industry and need turbine oil, contact us. Without any confusion, you can get high-quality oil from us. Do you want to know more? Contact our experts.






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