Multipurpose Grease

Multipurpose Grease I Total Multis

Total Multipurpose Grease I Multis

Multipurpose Grease

Total Multis is multipurpose grease designed for many lubrication applications. This grease is suitable for developing lubrication of loaded slides, wheel and reel bearings, and various shock loads.

Besides, Total Multipurpose Grease Multis is also formulated for wheel bearings, universal joints, classics, agriculture, vibrating applications in transport, and off-road vehicles.

If you use this grease in dusty environments and dry areas, it provides total protection. Its also ideal for industrial applications like NLGI 2 grade high-pressure grease and elevated temperatures.


  • Its sophisticated formulation meets a wide variety of requirements.
  • In addition, its application range is extensive and allows stock rationalization and maintenance.
  • Notably, it’s also fulfilling the need of most automotive equipment manufacturers.
  • Multis makes lubricating films resistant to humidity, durable, prevent pollution, and decrease maintenance and costs.
  • Even so, it does not contain heavy metals, so that’s harmful to human health and the environment.


  • Additionally, you can use this actual multipurpose grease ball and roller bearings, off-road equipment, operating in the cold, dry or dusty conditions.
  • Also, you can apply it for general purposes like industrial requiring an NLGI 2 grade.
  • Keep this grease safe from contamination.
  • Moreover, in extreme pressure and high temperature, you can use it.
  • Other regular soap is miscible with this grease.



Grease Monkey Wipes:

Grease Monkey Wipes comes with a heavy-duty solution for cleaning your hands. When you don’t have access to water and soap, these wipes come with an oversized, extra solid, and pre-moistened.

Furthermore, these monkey wipes are disposable, multipurpose, and pre-moistened. They work very hard to remove oil, grease, grime, and dirt from hand and other skin surfaces.

Plus, they can clean your hands safely without severe chemicals. In particular, instead of powerful chemicals, they use safe, intense citrus to wipe away grime, oil, lubricants, permanent ink, and other junk.

Nevertheless, they are suitable for cleaning messes related to painting & construction, fishing, cycling, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Initially created as a solution to the problem of biker’s hand’s grease. Usually, when and where you need them, they deliver a helpful cleaning wipe.

With citrus formula, they wipe out the toughest grime. Whether you want to ride a 100-mile bike ride and work on the next grimy project, they help you work hard.


Benefits & Advantages:

  • Generally, where soap and water can’t meet the requirement, these hand cleaning wipes will help you.
  • The heavy-duty wipe can remove heavy oil, grease, adhesives, permanent ink, and various types of dirt from the skin.
  • Most importantly, it’s a safe and powerful hand cleaning wipe. So, a citrus-based formula removes grime and dirt rather than harsh chemicals.
  • Store this cleaning wipe where you want, like a toolbox, garage, glove box, and tackle box.


How To Load A Grease Gun:

If you are looking for how to load grease gun content, you are in the right place. Here we have included a step-by-step guide about it. So, please don’t go anywhere and read our article attentively.

Step 1: First, you should loosen the grease gun head.

Step 2: Pull the rears of the plunger and, in this place, lock it.

  • At the end of the grease gun, there could be a notch to set the metal release tab for pushing the rod toward.

Step 3: Now, unscrew the gun’s head and, with the plunger, push the empty cartridge out.

  • Without messing up the manicure, you can push the plunger forward to turn out the consumed cartridge.

Step 4: From the new grease cartridge, remove the cap.

Step 5: Open-side down, put in the cartridge in the grease gun.

Step 6: Then, you need to pull off this metal tab.

Step 7: Screw the gun head back and then loosen this head one or two turns.

  • It allows air between the grease gun head and cartridge to run away.

Step 8: Next, you need to release the plunger and slide it into this gun.

Step 9: Tighten the gun head and pump it until the grease comes out from the grease gun.

  • If you use different types of grease, then pump until the new grease comes out.

Step 10: And it’s done.

Air Locked Grease Guns Priming:

But after doing it, if you can see nothing is happening, the grease gun is probably air locked. Still, there is an air pocket between the grease gun head and the grease. Generally speaking, this is a common problem but has two easy solutions.

  • Consequently, if the grease gun has an air release, you can prime it by unscrewing with a few turns, pushing it back. Definitely, you should push it out of the air, and also the grease should flow.
  • Ordinarily, if the gun does not have an air release, basically, you want to repeat steps 7-9 this time. Unscrew your gun about two turns, with plunger prime the gun, and tighten the head.

Grease Fittings:

Grease fitting, known as Zerk fitting, allows you to grease your suspension parts. Commonly you can find this grease fitting on tie rod ends, ball joints, pitman arms,
and sway bar bushings.

If you regularly fit the grease, it helps to keep your suspension smoothly working and quiet. Apart from this, grease fitting can be ruinous or, with age, can stop the sealing.

Typically, if all these fitting either leaks, you will notice joint stiffness and suspension noise. Indeed, in composition, types, and most sizes, grease fitting comes with every application purpose.

Wax and Grease Remover:


Wax and grease remover especially comes for removing bottom contaminants commonly found on painted grounds. For example, there are grease, wax, tar, insect residue, tree sap, and other used car care products.

Even so, this remover is best for quickly dissolving, softening, and allowing contaminants to paint and body repair.

Mini Grease Gun:

A mini grease gun is ideal for universal joint applications, fit chassis, and all lubrication requirements like industrial, automotive, and more.

Likewise, this compact toolbox size gun is suitable for hard-to-reach operations. Most importantly, it comes with heavy-duty head construction that provides longer service life.

However, it features a strong follower, hand-held part of the humanized design so that you feel extra comfortable. Despite this, its high-pressure grip 4-jaw coupler allows excellent grip and tolerates long-term use.

Undoubtedly, this is a perfect choice for those who work in challenging situations. Hence, it comes with a 12-inch flexible extension and a 4-inch rigid for performing well in hard-to-reach areas.

To sum up, it also has an anti-rust, chrome-plated surface, and overall appearance aesthetics and technology. Without any problem, you can use it.


Final Word:

To conclude, this Total Multipurpose Grease Multis is best for your industrial lubricating applications, agriculture, and off-road vehicles.

Besides, they are best for vibrating bearings. You can use it in dry, damp, and dusty areas. For that reason, you can ideally choose it for all kinds of joints and equipment.

Whatever, we hope you may get helpful information about Total Multipurpose grease from here. Thanks for staying with us.






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