Total knitting Oil


Total knitting Oil

Total Knitting oil formulated for lubricating small to large diameter knitting machines utilized for clothing, automotive, and hosiery. Besides this, it is suitable for artificial, natural, synthetic, based on raw and dyed white yarn.

Also, using this high-performance oil is best to use for flatbed knitting machines. In other words, this oil is also indicated as knitting machine oil. Especially you also can use this oil for post washing. If you are looking for the best knitting oil for your knitting machines, you can buy it from Total. However, to know more about this oil, please stay tuned.


Advantages Of Total Knitting Oil:

  • Lower enough frictions and wear
  • Ensures proficient security against rust
  • Controls the needles slipping within the sinkers and needle
  • Usually, it is slack toward the components utilized around lubricating tools.
  • It helps to keep the cylinders clean.
  • Practically, it’s mild toward elastane, in heat treatment is recommended to de-grease the fabrics before operations.



TIXO Stainless CO 22: 

TXIO Stainless CO 22 is high-performance oil specially designed to lubricate sinkers, needles, and flat knitting machines. This knitting machine oil has come from highly refined paraffinic mineral oils. Likewise, from ethoxylated alkylphenols, it’s free. Furthermore, you can use this knitting machine lubricant oil to perfectly circular the tuck cams.

It’s because, after using this knitting machine lubricating oil, your machine will rotate ideally. DIN 62136 approved for ultimate load enhancing stitch structuring parts shelf life. Thanks to its high-end emulsifiers that scour able through the traditional washing process.

Most importantly, it complies with the requirements of OEKO-TEX standard 100. Mainly, Total Brand knitting oil in Bangladesh TXIO Stainless CO 22 is available. TXIO Stainless CO 22 knitting oil price is BDT 380-400 per liter.



Brands Total
Packaging type Barrel
Packaging Size 208 Ltrs
Viscosity 22-32-46



  • Lubrication of Needle Cylinders and Needles-Sinkers-Tuck Cams
  • Ideal for Flatbed Knitting machines and Hosiery-Large Diameter
  • Easily removable
  • Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-wear
  • Odorless and Colorless
  • Harmless to Plastics and paint-seals


Benefits and Advantages:


  • It comes with high activation. Additionally, TIXO STAINLESS fulfills modern high-speed machinery necessities in wear security.
  • According to DIN 51360 standards, it provides high-level breakdown security on your machinery.
  • In high running machine, it can control better temperatures.
  • Nonetheless, this knitting machine lubricating oil is not very aggressive towards paints, electronic equipment, and plastics.
  • Suitable with elastane fibers and excellent oxidation durability in high speed and temperature situations. Even so, it’s environment-friendly oil and best to use in oiling systems hosiery a closed circuit.



The technique of Applications: Normally, its compatible with an application through all regular oil feeding systems utilized in knitting tools. Before applying this TIXO Stainless, clean and drain the oil feeders and machine.


Final Word:

Total knitting oil is one of the best knitting oil in Bangladesh. In summary, Total brands are the most popular oil supplier in Bangladesh. From  Total Lubricants Bangladesh, you can get the best knitting oil for your knitting machine.

You should know that this oil is applied as recommended and only used on that application that is suitable for this oil. And there is no risk to using this oil. At last, we want to say this is what you want to know and hope you will helpful after reading this article.






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