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The Best Engine Oil For Your Engine: TOTAL Lubricants Bangladesh the Ultimate Solution


For every engine, engine oil plays a role like blood. It circulates on the total machine, allowing the pistons hundreds of times in the engine cylinders to slide smoothly.

To running correctly, your engine always needs oil. The essential part of any engine is oil. This oil also circulates pollutants included in the circuit of the machine.

It works to decrease the resistance between the elements of metal and ensures an adequately lubricated engine. Engine oil is only the lubricant that has a vital part in the combustion cycle.

To cool, protect and clean the machine also plays a significant role. However, if you want to perform your engine best, finding the best and suitable engine oil is essential.


Engine Oil Composition:


Depending on its performance and type, modern engine oil comes from different base oil compounds. Additives are also mixed up with these compounds because they perform a variety of tasks.

High-performance level engine oil will only own with additive and base oil compounds.


The typical engine oil composition is:


  • 78% base oil
  • 10% viscosity (to modify flows)
  • 3% detergents ( for cleaning the engine)
  • 5% dispersant ( for the rest of surface particles)
  • 1% wear security
  • 3% other ingredients


The Importance Of Engine Oil:


In every part of the engine, engine oil plays many roles, and adequately running the engine allows overtime. Nonetheless, below here are some important works and areas where engine oil plays a significant role.

However, the importance of engine oil is here.




To lubricate the engine’s moving parts is the important role of engine oil, which is always in resistance. Hence it curtails the friction as if left unrestrained and tends to grind the expanded part.




The strength lost via friction between mechanical parts reasons of the increase the temperature of the engine.

Lubrication delivered by this oil via the lubrication circuit helps to control the heat. This engine oil increases the coolant that can cool specific engine parts.


Protection Against Breakdown:


Energy burning generates corrosive acid that damages the engine metal parts. By subtracting fresh engine oil with additives, breakdown will decrease.

Nevertheless, contact with oxygen, for overtime, may oxidize the engine oil. Furthermore, it doesn’t play a longer corrosion obstructing role. For that reason, you need to check and change the engine oil regularly.



The engine oil cleaning power is crucial, while slightly known. Microscopic securities remain in the break and grow up in the engine.

It will generate dust or burning debris. Without engine oil, this debris can lower its performance and obstacle the engine.

To carrying contaminants to the oil filter continuously, it flows, where it’s caught up. Thus, it is powerless to cause harmful deposits on the surfaces of the engine.





This oil also boosts engine sealing, specifically the cylinders and pistons sealing. Protective coatings stay in between their various parts; it can be changing any approval that occurs.

Besides this, the thing you take to extend your vehicle is to change your filter and engine oil every mile. At least, you fill your gas tank once a month. However, choosing the correct oil can keep your engine running well for years.


The Important Benefits Of Engine Oil:


Proper engine oil can avoid costly repairs for vehicle owners. So all of the engines would quickly suffer from severe damage without lubricant.

Here below are some benefits of engine oil that ensure your engine’s longevity.


Ensures A Longer Lifespan Of Engine:


By reducing and cleaning friction and the entire engine, this oil prevents clogging and evolving damage. Engine oil also can make mechanical parts long-lasting and less destructive. Therefore, it performs to an outstanding efficiency and increases its lifespan.


Ensures Properly Runs The Engine:


It even ensures proper running of the engine, and with this oil, the engine runs better.

Proper lubrication can stop severe mechanical destruction. To boosting engine performance, maintenance is essential.


Power Consumption Reduces:


Engine oil is over the resulting traction fuel efficiency of engines which severely enhances fuel costs. Engine oil of high-level also curtails degrading discharges in the climate.


How To Find The Best Engine Oil: Need To Know Everything


When finding engine oil, first, you must know what type of engine oil you need. From the refining of petroleum mineral oil, mineral oil has come.

Also, synthetic oil comes from mixing various artificial ingredients. By mixing synthetic or mineral oil is a semi-synthetic oil.

The definition of viscosity (grade) is the nature of the product. However, the Total industrial lubricants provides all types of engine oil for your engine or vehicle. So, if you like you will take it.

Viscosity is equity that characterize
s the capability to avoid the flow of oil when cold and when hot. The engine’s temperature can reach 400°C, which is the critical standard when choosing the oil.

You can see the marks on the containers. On the left number is low-temperature viscosity. At the lower, low temperatures, the more product is efficient. At high temperatures, the more the oil is efficient, the higher the number.


Usually, engine oil is in three types. The engine oils are:


Full Synthetic EngineOil:


Synthetic oil comes from various manufactured ingredients. Synthetic oil is ideal for high-performance engines. Quality is better; it contains fewer contaminants and can resist high temperatures. For diesel and petrol engines, there is more time during oil changes.



Mineral Engine Oil:

This oil comes from refined petroleum products. Naturally, mineral oil is thick as compared to synthetic oil. Makers are making it best-suited for older engines or models without turbochargers.

The oxidation power is low from other engine oil, so changes are needed more frequently from synthetic oil. This mineral oil is not suitable for extreme temperatures. So in temperate climates, this oil provides the best driving. Its lower cost is the main advantage.


Semi-synthetic Oils:


Semi-synthetic oil has mineral oil and synthetic oil both. It’s offering the best without containing drawbacks and comes with a good quality and price ratio.

Also, mixing up synthetic and mineral oil gives better performance and protection. The usage of this oil does not modify the oil changes frequency.


Standards To Consider When Choosing An Engine Oil:


Before choosing an engine oil, you need to look at the standards of this product. Things to consider about the criteria are:


  • Notice the categories of engine oil as it’s Diesel or petrol.
  • Understand the level of performance.
  • Keep in mind if the oil fulfills your automotive manufacturer’s advice.



To describe the engine oil, three essential standards are:


The API Standard:


Accepted by the American Petroleum Institute, according to the dispersive energy, it categorizes the products.

Also, the API standards classify according to corrosion, oxidation, protection against wear, and detergents.

With two letters to determine this standard. The two letters are:


S= S for service (petrol engines)

C= C for Commercial (diesel engines)


The above letter suggests the performance of engine oil. This alphabet provides a more excellent quality of the oil. So, an SF oil gives a lower version than SR oil.

However, if you want to know the standard needed for your vehicle, see the manual.


The SAE standard:

The Society of Automotive engineers defied these standards. So, this standard explains the engine oil viscosity degree. On the screen of the container, you can see this number: the 00w00 index.


The ACEA standard:


This engine oil standard is the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. This characteristic pointer suggests by a letter and a number (For Eg: A1). The letter advised the engine type:


A= Petrol engines

B= Diesel engines

C= Light engines compatible with triggers

E= Heavy duty diesel engine


ACEA 2016 defines


3 type mixes for diesel and petrol engines: A3/B4, A3/B3, A5/B5

Five types for automobiles with a pollution control tool: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5.

Four types number for commercial trucks and cars: E4, E6, E7, E9. The E6 and E9 are for vehicles with pollution control equipment.


Engine Oil Viscosity Grade:


This viscosity grade provides information on the oil resistance flow in the engine. With a low viscosity grade can be extra liquid and will stream easily.

The temperature engine oil impacts each grade provides information on the flow and use at cold and hot temperatures. At low temperatures, A low viscosity grade engine oil advises lubricant circulation during cold engine.

At high temperatures, a high viscosity grade provides more resistance in the hot areas of the engine.

(SAE) The Society of Automotive Engineers has acquired an operation for classifying oil according to their grade of viscosity. Here is the rate of engine oil per viscosity.


Monograde Oils:

A low-temperature range is the best for using monograde oil. This oil is ideal for older type vehicles. The monograde oil breaks down into two sectors, but it depends on the season.


Monograde oil ruin in two types:

The viscosity of low engine oil grades ends with a “W” and ideal for winter use. For Eg: engine oil SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 25W, and 20.

The viscosity of high engine oil grades does not end with a “W” and is ideal for use in summer. For Eg: engine oil SAE 8, 12, 16, 20, 30,40, 50, or 60.


Multi grade Oil:


Currently, multi grade oil is most famous because they are ideal for current model vehicles. This oil is suitable for all seasons.

The multi grade oil achieves two viscosity specifications with two numbers. For Eg: 10W, 30.

The low-temperature viscosity is 10W and suitable for winter. The 30 is the high-temperature viscosity grade oil and ideal for (summer).

By temperature variations, multi grade oil is less affected. Monograde viscosity oil is highly affected. The multigrade oil contains a number on the side of the “W.” When you want to purchase the engine oil, you can s
ee values like 5W40, 20W40, or 10W30.

When choosing the engine oil with viscosity grade, you can check the owner’s manual. Also, you can ask the professional for advice.


Engine Oil Grade:


Have a look at some internationally utilized engine oil grades-


1: 0W-20 Engine Oil: This oil is relatively thinner while your engine starts. This oil viscosity is 0 when the motor is cold. After the engine reaches an average operating temperature, oil becomes 20.


2: 0W-30: The 0W-30 engine oil at the starting temperature is 0 weight oil. And, after reaching the engine’s average operating temperature, it will be 30 weight oil.

3: 0W-40: This oil behaves as 0 weight oil at the starting temperature. And 40 weight oil after reaching average operating temperature.

4:5W-30: This 5W-30 engine oil is usually available and most used in the Indian market. Indian manufacturers mostly recommend it for Indian cars.

5: 5W-40: This engine oil is a fully synthetic oil that acts like five-weight engine oil. It also performs as a 40 weight oil after reaching the engine at average operating temperature.

5: 10W-40: The engine oil of 10W-40 offers a ten-weight performance in the cold temperature. This 10W-40 oil provides a 40 weight performance at the typical operating temperature.


Total Quartz 9000:

This fully synthetic oil offers high performance. Also, it provides all requirements for diesel and petrol car engines advanced technology.

Total quartz 9000 is useful or used on racing and protects from high temperature. It is also suitable for multi-valve, turbo-charged, and immediate injection engines. The price is so reasonable for this Total Quartz 9000 engine oil.


SAE 15W40 Engine Oil:

Associate with the new generation high-performance oils and comes with outstanding properties. This superior product is best from the conventional oil on the market.

The high-performance engine oil comes with the semi-synthetic version, created from high-quality base oils.

It provides excellent lubrication of today’s promoting prolonged engine life.

Also, it comes from selected additives as FMA that provide wear and tear, minimum friction, and extended engine life. It gives you high performance to develop the quality on the world market.

So, this product meets the specifications of all major American and European engine manufacturers. Though it comes with high performance, it needs a wide range of applications and industries.

Multigrade oil is suitable for vehicles using Diesel Fuel and gasoline.

SAE 15W40 engine oil goes beyond the quality conditions for turbo-powered engines.


15w40 Diesel:


Advantage 15w-40 heavy-duty diesel engine oil is developed to meet the security requirements of gasoline engines and Diesel. Furthermore, this diesel oil is suitable for older machines and higher sulfur fuels.

You can use this oil in off-highway diesel material, farm tractors, passenger cars, trucks, turbo-charged Diesel or gasoline engines, etc.

Moreover, this heavy-duty diesel engine oil is backward compatible with before API Oil Categories.15W-40 Diesel has wear control and an outstanding dirt dispensary.

So, it provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion. The diesel oil’s unique formula decreases mud and safeguards against varnish formation.

Besides, it comes with unique anti-oxidation properties and high-temperature durability. The 15W-40 Diesel meets you with diesel engines like Volvo, Navistar, Caterpillar, Ford, Cummins, etc.

It gives you a high-speed performance in diesel engines including, Cummins, Volvo, Caterpillar, and Daihatsu.


Total Rubia Tir 7400 15W40


Total Rubia Tir 7400 is a mineral lubricant and suitable for on-road diesel engines. Also, it is modifying the Euro 5 and before machines of some manufacturers with proper oil drain gaps.

This oil has excellent dispersant, detergent, and anti-wear characteristics. It keeps your engine clean and efficient in the control of soot, piston deposits, and mud.

The Total Rubia Tir 7400 contains outstanding viscosity durability in service. It also includes adequate engine lubrication in severe conditions.


Best Full Synthetic Oils:


The human-made lubricants are synthetic oil and highly preferred for the engine. By mixing up different chemical compounds, this oil has made.

In extreme temperatures, synthetic oil is ideal as a substitute for other engine oils and petroleum. Usually, the oil helps the engine work properly; this synthetic oil lubricates and cleans the engine to enhance the engine’s performance level.

Sometimes engines get impacted by temperature conditions like extreme cold or hot. Synthetic oil plays a key role, and in the vehicle, machines flow smoothly in cold or heat temperatures.

One of the best benefits of using this oil is that it needs exceptional oil changes. Though synthetic oil is costly, it provides a transformation gap between 7500 to 10000 miles. So, it means this is a type of massive relief.

Synthetic oil can increase vehicle engine life. Besides, for old vehicle engines, synthetic oil works excellent.

The use of synthetic oil can reduce mud and deposits. It means it provides more extended performance and decreases engine wear.

To get a perfect one is very easy because of technological advancements.

Well, if you want to know what synthetic oil is and why this is important? The answer is straightforward; synthetic oil works like an energy drink for the engine. It can keep your engine powerful, lubricated, and clean for a long time.


Standards Of The Best Synthetic Oil:

Nonetheless, finding the best synthetic oil is not very easy. It’s because of the availability of fewer quality products in the market. But from Total Lubricants, you can take the best synthetic oil for you. Also,

Here we give some of the best synthetic oil for you. So, let’s see.



  1. Motul 8100 Best Synthetic Budget Oil:



The Motul 8100 is a famous engine oil brand. This brand is now gaining popularity with the latest type of synthetic oil models that it’s manufacturing.

It can make sure you will keep your engine protected without any worries for a long time. It comes with an ergonomic package you can drop on your machine without wasting the lubricant.

The feature which makes me excited is its price. This Motul 8100 oil is cheaper than other brands. In this price range, it provides a quality full synthetic oil.

For higher compatibility options, you can use this oil in both diesel and gasoline engines. Also, its features are the best wear protection to reduce internal friction.


  1. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Oil



Shell Rotella T6 best synthetic oil has all properties and qualities that make the perfect choice for automobiles. The exciting thing about this synthetic oil is it comes with protective packaging.

The proper packaging gives to pour down oil in the car engine without any worries. In this Shell, Rotella T6 has all the necessary liquid forms. This fuel economy oil best forms other typical oils utilized in other vehicles.

After using this oil, you cannot face any wearing problem because it keeps your engine from getting contaminated. It comes with multi-functional additives that will never get any shoot, dirt, and other debris.




  1. Total Full Synthetic Oil:



In Europe, Total synthetic motor oil is more common than they are in the U.S. However, this brand makes incredible speeds to ensure the American people become familiar.

Nowadays, they have become the primary sponsor of the racing series of the International MotorSports Association. However, this oil is ideal for new generation cars and vehicles.

It can protect the engine from wear and tear. So, using this oil is a better idea to reduce the internal friction from the engine.

Total Lubricants Bangladesh is the biggest supplier that delivers the best synthetic oils for all types of machines. So, you can pick one from them.


Diesel Engine Oil:

Fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil provides excellent low and high-temperature protection. Also, this diesel engine oil maintained security and cleanliness and increased friction reduction.

It comes from synthetic base oils. And this oil is suitable for propane engines, Diesel, gasoline. The diesel oil delivers expanded fuel economy, increased drain intervals, oxidation, and wear protection. Moreover, it can protect your engine from rust and bearing corrosion.


Gasoline Engine Oil Fully Synthetic 5W40:

This gasoline oil is extreme in engine oil technology. The grade of SAE 5W-40 is fully synthetic, more high-performance gasoline engine oil combining ingredients technology.

Also, the technology of low-friction isometric provides outstanding wear protection, maximum horsepower output, and engine cleanliness. This oil is also suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines and four-cycle motorcycles.

It’s because it has high-temperature durability. Mainly, it is ideal for high-performance fitted vehicles with superchargers.

The other being of this gasoline engine is very little wear, excellent cleanliness, and improved fuel economy. It meets you with challenging industry performance requirements of API SM/CF, VW 502.00/505, etc.


Gasoline Diesel Engine Semi-Synthetic Moly 20W50:


This is extra high-performance SAE 20W-50 engine oil. It comes with the outstanding integrity of synthetic base properties and hi-tech friction because of reducing additives technology.

Moly semi-synthetic oil provides excellent performance in recent Diesel and gasoline engines. This gasoline engine decreases engine wear, increases cleanliness, and expands engine life.

It will meet you with the following industry specifications: ACEA A3/B4-04, API SM/CF, E2-96 Issue 2, Mercedes Benz 229.1 & 228.1, A3/B304.



Gas Engine Oil:


Has engine oil/ generator oil is ideal for large internal discourage engines used in immobile applications. This gas engine oil is pervasive as generator electricity.

Furthermore, this type of oil is also suitable for use in the environmental sector. It’s because they provide you to complete the retrieval cycle from varied categories of waste.

Thanks to fuel, gases originated from landfills, agricultural activities, and wastewater remedy plants. Total lubricants guarantee the possibility of fueling gas and engine type recognized.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):


Q1: Which brand of engine oil is the best?

Ans: There are many brands of engine oil in the market. But, Shell, Motul, and Total Engine oil is the best engine oil.

Q2: Which brand of synthetic oil is the best?

Ans: In worldwide, Shell, Total, and Mobil is the best brand of synthetic oil.

Q3: What is the best engine Oil for a bike?

Ans: Fully synthetic engine oil is the best for your bike. It’s because it can maintain cooling properties and be viscous longer than other oils. Using this oil can enhance your bike engine’s longevity and performance.

Bottom Line:


Choosing the right oil is very important because it can increase your engine lifespan and performance.

Or, you get even confused about which oil you should use. No worries about it because our helpful information about engine oil can help you, we hope.

Use the above information to find the best type for your engine or vehicle. On the other hand, overall, engine oil is the essential element you use for your machine.

So, keep your engine using quality engine oil, and it will give you a top-level performance return.







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