Automatic Transmission Fluid IDexron III


The Importance Of Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid


The premium automatic transmission fluid is Dexron iii, specially designed to meet the requirements of today’s extra compact transmissions. Also, this fluid is best for running at a high operating temperature and electronic control.

Recommended using an automatic transmission where the manufacturer defines Dexron III, Dexron IIE, or Ford Mercon fluid.

Besides this, Dexron fluid is best for many other hydraulic devices, including the ones operating under off-road vehicles and heavy-duty conditions. Also, these fluids ensure the flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, a long-lasting transmission’s service life, and fuel economy.

Dexron III Benefits:

  • Provides incredible protection
  • Delivers stability and high performance
  • Enhanced control of viscosity
  • Advanced additive elements fight with three leading transmission causes deposits, failure, and wear.
  • Delivers superior wear protection for increased transmission life.


  • Additionally, in the winter season of low temperatures, this fluid ensures excellent lubricating properties. Apart from this, it also provides durable oil film under high temperatures and extreme loads in summer.
  • The high-technology additives combinations provide incredible anti-friction characteristics. Along with, for friction elements, it ensures required friction properties. Thus, it offers a significant fuel economy, a smooth and continuous transmission shift. Almost it can enlarge transmission element’s service life.
  • Notably, it helps to deliver smooth and coordinated operation of clutches. Without it, it can prevent scuffing.
  • Therefore, it has an enhanced chemical ability and thermal-oxidation. Moreover,
  • It can be resistant to full-service life high-temperature thermal degradation.
  • Hence, these transmission fluids also help to reduce the formation of sludge and carbon deposits.
  • Reducing tools maintenance fees can enhance the time between oil changes.
  • And help to increase transmission equipment durability.
  • Effectively, it can resist foam formation and aeration.

Dexron III Specifications:

  • General Motors Dexron iii
  • Allison C4
  • Allison TES-389
  • Mercedes Benz MB 236.1
  • Volvo 97341 MAN 339-V2 /339-Z2
  • Mercedes Benz MB 236.9
  • ZF 4HP & 6HP Auto Transmissions
  • Voith DIWA H55.6336.3X (former G1363) (120000km drain)


Well, for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, this fluid is best. In addition, it is excellent for Ford Company, other brands cars, and general motors.


Dexron III Transmission Fluid:

Dextron iii transmission fluid is a multifunctional, high-performance satisfying Ford revised traction modified Mercon and more. Ideal for commercial and passenger cars, mobile hydraulic systems, automatic transmission, and industrial and off-highway applications.

Benefits Of Dexron III Transmission Fluid:

  • Traction modifier offers smooth shifting and trouble-free operations.
  • As a result of outstanding oxidation resistance, cleaner transmissions.
  • Suitable with all types of elastomers, rubber, and metals and offers safety against leakage and wear.
  • Great low-temperature liquidity
  • Incredible sheer durability
  • Better equipment balance


Dexron III Autozone:

Autozone stocks many engines with automatic transmission fluid that comes for any machine. Dexron iii Autozone mainly comes for light trucks, passenger cars, and other hydraulic applications.

In particular, these fluids can increase your component’s life. Indeed, these fluids can prevent any corrosion and rust from elements. Remember that you should protect your skin when you use this fluid.


Dexron III Mercon:

The newly developed fully qualified premium fluid is a Dexron iii Meron. Undoubtedly, it can cover the main requirements for both Ford and general motors. Alike, for qualified automatic transmission liquids, Dexron iii is a General Motors Trademark.

For the Ford model year 1988 and after, Mercon can cover all of the transmissions. Mercon is coming for refill liquids to meet the respective warranties of the car.

Consequently, these fluids can prevent the wear of components. Without it, it has extensive oxidation durability. On the other hand, it provides superior protection in all seasons.

Valvoline Dexron III:

Specifically, Valvoline is a premium automatic transmission fluid. Yet, it can run at extreme operating temperatures.

Valvoline Dexron iii comes from high technology base stocks mixed with advanced additives technology. These fluids especially provide cold flowability, better heat protection.

Ideal for use in automatic transmission of Ford and GM passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks.

Castrol Dexron III:

Castrol Dexron iii has come for use in automatic transmissions of GM pre-2005. And also, these fluids are using in Ford transmission created between 1996 and 1983.

As a power steering fluid, this fluid is also suitable. Never use this fluid where Dexron VI should require. All in all, these fluids generally approve from the broad range of heavy-duty automatic transmission.

Benefits of Performance:

  • Many OEM approvals create it ideal for board-ranging use.
  • Expanded traction durability provides smooth transmission performance.
  • Increased deposits and wear safety to offer longer equipment life.
  • Amazing oxidative and thermal
  • High-viscosity index gives a durable viscosity over a broad range temperature
  • Prolongs the life of the transmission
  • Helps smooth shifting

Toyota Dexron III:

Mineral-based transmission fluid is best where Dexron iii automatic transmission fluids are essential. Toyota Dexron iii has traction modifiers that provide smooth shifting.

Equally, it includes rust, anti-wear inhibiting additives for best life. For people who want long-lasting and high-performance fluid, Toyota is best. Amazingly, this is an original components manufacturer fluid that came for your cars.

When you choose OEM fluid without any guess, you can depend on its quality and effectiveness. If you think selecting the correct fluid is challenging, go for Toyota OEM fluid.


Dexron II Vs Dexron III:

Well, the transmission fluid brand name is a Dexron manufactured for general motor cars. Consequently, in the 1970s, Dexron ii was released, and in the 1990s, Dexron iii was released.

Conversely, other versions of Dexron seem compatible with Dexron iii. That means Dexron iii will substitute for Dexron ii and different older fluid versions.

At present, the interpretation of transmission fluid isn’t manufactured. Dexron VI is now the most popular. So, it is compatible with GM vehicles that need either Dexron iii or Dexron ii.

The difference Between Dexron II and Dexron III:

One of the most significant differences between Dexron ii and Dexron iii is their different name. Aside from this, another difference is their realizing year and date.

In fact, Dexro
n ii was first originally marketed with substitute elements like jojoba oil. In these terms, it reflected humans toward natural ingredients that became famous in the 1970s.

Subsequent Dexron ii versions had come to fulfill the problem created from used inferior elements of original Dexron ii.

After the 1993 Dexron iii, only one version of Dexron-III was ever marketed, and Dexron-VI replaced it in 2005.

Some replacements for Dexron-III may be available on the market today. But the General Motors Company does not officially approve these products.

Dexron II D:

Dexron II d is suitable for automatic transmission, steering systems, and more. Besides, this is ideal for any auxiliary drives in both commercial and passenger vehicles. Be careful before using it because you should follow vehicle transmissions manufacturers’ instructions.



  • Automatic transmission liquid with incredible aging durability
  • Can prevent the troublesome deposits build-up
  • Comes for vehicles with excellent transmission technology
  • Delivers higher safety against wear and nice traction
  • Extra seal consistency
  • Offers optimum security against component breakdown


Final Word:

Last but not least, this Dexron iii is an automatic transmission fluid designed to GM specifications. You can use this in your automatic transmission to increase their performance.

Therefore, it can protect your transmission from any corrosion, deposits, and wear. Despite it enhancing the durability of the motor, it can help.

Even so, at low temperatures, it can develop shift performance. Nonetheless, only this is the article, where you can get authentic information about Dexron iii. Thanks for staying with us.






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